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I'm on a mission

To inspire over 1 million people and show them that no matter what challenges you may face in life, you can achieve anything.
Just like i did.

Perfectly pitched talks for Primary, Secondary and College students

Delivering inspirational talks for business around the world

Spreading our words to inspire even more organisations

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Talks delivered
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People inspired
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Raised for Charity
About Us
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Ben inspires so many

people in so many ways

Ben's Story

In 2015, I set out on a mission that would change not only my life but the lives of thousands of other people around the world.

I vowed to take my experiences and turn them into something positive. The 401 Challenge was born, a feat of endurance like no one had ever really seen before.

401 marathons in 401 days all around the UK, aiming to raise £250,000 for two anti bullying charities

What's next?

Find out more about our next endurance challenges, events, webinars, podcasts, interviews and talks right here.

Our Foundation

The 401 Foundation

The legacy of The 401 Challenge, we officially launched in 2017.


As a registered charity, The 401 Foundation wants to see a world where everyone, no matter who they are, can easily access the mental health support they need, with dignity. Imagine a brighter, more compassionate future where mental health isn't shrouded in stigma, but openly embraced with warmth and empathy. 


For us it’s all about bringing people together - individuals, communities, and institutions all working together to create a society where mental health is celebrated, a solution that is formed from diverse experiences and unwavering resilience.

Join us on this journey and be part of the change that is so desperately needed.

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