On this page you will learn all there is to know about each of our 50 USA 2020 Talk Tour events.

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Ben and The 401 Challenge Team


We are looking for a team of 5 volunteers including a group leader to help organise an event in any one of the chosen 50 UK locations. The areas we will be looking to cover are:


  • Booking a venue and managing it during the event
  • Promoting tickets for the event in your local community
  • Help support the schedule of the event
  • Manage pre-booked tickets and sell additional tickets at the event if required
  • Help manage a book signing with Ben at the event


We are looking for one person to take lead and liaise directly with our HQ Team in Bristol. We will provide you and your team with all the necessary marketing materials such as posters and social media posts and we will also put money behind targeted ad campaigns for each event on Facebook and Instagram.


We have our own ticket management system so you don’t need to worry about this.

Once you and your team have agreed to support with the event, we will work with you to book a date and venue and then we will set up an event on our ticketing platform and provide you with the link to start publicising and selling tickets.

All ticket queries, refunds, and transfers will be managed by The 401 Challenge HQ Team.

At the event, we will have printed out a list of all ticket holders and will give you the necessary technology to identify and scan each person into the event. we will be offering tickets on the evening and we will provide a float and means to collect money from the local community.


Here is a list of the things we need support with

  • All volunteers who help organise the event or help on the night get free entry, up to a maximum of 5 people.
  • Up to 50 discounted tickets at £10 will be made available to the volunteer team to share with friends, family, work colleagues etc
  • The name of each volunteer and or club/business name will be added to each of the bikes Ben will take to the USA – please note you can add a name instead of your own if you wish to pay tribute to someone.
  • We will promote you, your club or business on any event-specific publicity such as targeted ad campaigns for the event – due to cost we cannot provide bespoke posters for each event so we will be unable to offer the chance of a logo on any event marketing material.
  • You, your club or business will be listed as a supporter on The 401 Challenge website with direct links added to your website and social media.

Here is a list of FAQ’s, please let us know if you have any other questions by filling in the form below.

  • How many volunteers do we need to support the event?

    We would recommend a minimum of 3 and maximum of 5.

  • How does the discount code work?

    When your team is in place, we will create a discount code that can be used at checkout on our ticketing platform. Only 50 of this specific code will be made available so we would recommend one person being in charge of distributing the code.

  • Are children's tickets discounted?

    No, as children’s tickets are only £6 including VAT we have chosen to only offer discounted prices on Adult Tickets

  • How will I get marketing material to help promote the event?

    Once the volunteer team is in place and we have the main contact, we will send a marketing pack which will include:

    • Posters – A4 (Downloadable) which can be personalised by you for your local event
    • A few templated social media posts with artwork provided
    • Ideas on how to market this event in your area (if required)
    • Press Release Templates


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