It's important for us to be clear about The USA 2020 Challenge objectives and how we feel they relate to both the ethos of The 401 Challenge and our supporting charities. With this in mind, we have spent time developing our overall USA 2020 Challenge objectives and then looked at how we plan to successfully deliver these both in the UK and US

Overall USA 2020 Challenge Objectives

We believe having 4 key objectives will be paramount to the success and communication of our challenge.


This is how we plan to impact the UK through the USA 2020 Challenge


One of the main areas of concern when planning this project was how do we make an impact in the UK when our challenge is in the US? Who were we focusing our impact on?

Working alongside the Youth Sport Trust, we have developed a FREE educational based resource programme called ‘A Journey to Wellbeing‘. In summary, we aim to bring onboard 4,001 UK schools, provide them with key mental wellbeing resources themed around The USA 2020 Challenge and based on a widely adopted model called the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing‘. In turn, we aim to impact over 1 million young people and raising awareness of the positive effects physical activity can have on your mental wellbeing.

We are planning three focused fund-raising days, one in April 2020, June 2020 and October 2020 where schools will raise funds to help us reach our £1 million target.

To find out more check out our ‘Journey to Wellbeing‘ page




A major success of the last 401 Challenge was getting people involved, whether that was clubs or individuals planning routes, people offering support with meals, accommodation, therapy, and even laundry etc, it all cumulated in the successful completion of a challenge most thought was impossible.

With the USA 2020 Challenge we have built this into our objectives in many forms including through the creation and development of The USA Team, giving people the chance to join the team and use it to develop in their chosen fields of expertise. The Partners we have supporting us both financially and in kind as well as sharing our challenge and mission with their audiences in the UK and further a field.

We’ve also asked for support when it comes to building connections in the US, we are aware we have a strong support base in the UK with people that are as passionate as we are about this project being a success. Giving these individuals a chance to be involved in planning process of this challenge is key to its success.

Involving people in all the ways we’ve mentioned above plus many more helps us not only raise the awareness of the positive effects physical activity can have on our mental wellbeing, but also helps us raise the £1 million we need to support our UK based charities. Some may even argue being involved in this project can inspire a person to do things they never thought they could achieve.




The passion and support we have in our online following is amazing, with even offers of people planning holidays to the US to come run marathons and support me on rides. This however isn’t going to be achievable for everyone so we wanted a way to give people the chance to take part and bring the US to the UK.

In May 2020 we will be launching ‘Our USA 2020 Virtual Challenges‘. We believe sport should be accessible to everyone no mater your ability, so with this in mind we have created multiple challenges focusing on Running, Walking and Cycling accessible for all ages and abilities with rewards linked to the USA 2020 Challenge.

All proceeds from our USA 2020 Virtual Challenges will go towards achieving our £1 million target. People may not be able to be with us physically, but they will be in spirit and through the creation of Challenge based Facebook groups, we can really enforce the positive effect physical activity can have on our mental wellbeing, whilst intern inspiring people to do things they never thought they could do before.

More information about this will come in May 2020




As this challenge has never been done before, we have enlisted the support of Hartpury University to investigate the effect the challenge will have on Ben both physically and mentally. By understanding Ben’s base level physical and mental fitness and then through daily testing whilst in the USA via our Sports Therapist, data will be collected in order to better understand human endurance.

This will not only help us inspire and challenge people to do things they never thought they could by showing what human beings are both mentally and physically capable of, but it also helps us deliver on another one of our objectives, showing the positive effect physical activity can have on our mental wellbeing.

More information will become viable over time as to what this looks like





This is how we plan to impact the USA through the USA 2020 Challenge


We are currently looking at ways in which we can provide our ‘Journey to Wellbeing’ educational resources for FREE to US schools.

Currently, in our route planning we have looked at starting and stopping our runs and rides at US Schools, Colleges and Universities, understanding how we provide these establishments with our resources so they can be more involved in our project is being investigated.

There is potential here for over 1 million US based young people being inspired and challenge to do things they never thought they could do, be shown and experience the positive effect physical activity can have on their mental wellbeing, plus the opportunity to raise funds to support local US state based mental health charities.

More information will come over time



Getting as many people involved as possible as you already know is key to this challenges success. The way we have planned our Marathon Events and Cycle Rides means that we are offering everyone the chance to get involved, whether that’s at an event or virtually. Our Marathon events will be organise events in key educational establishments in each of the US state capitals and our Cycle Rides will be broken down into manageable distances so that people can come along for the ride (no pun intended!). We are currently making connections with locations in the US, HERE is a list to see if you can help us out.

In May 2020, we will be launching online Facebook Event groups allowing people to signup for a small donation (expected to be around the $4.01) to take part, as well as our USA 2020 Challenge Virtual Challenges going live as mentioned in our UK section above.

The 401 USA Family will grow and with this will come not only a greater awareness of the positive effect physical activity can have on your mental wellbeing, but also much needed funds to support US based mental health charities, the chance for people to get involved in the challenge and ultimately achieve something they never thought was possible.

Further information will follow as it is developed





For further information about any of our objectives mentioned above, or if you simply want to get involved and support our challenge please ring us on 01275 390556 or go to our 'Contact Us' link in the menu bar above, fill in the form and one of our team will be in touch shortly.