Teresa Whatty - Join Us, Just Go As Far As You Can!

I always struggled with athletics at School due to my CP, but decided to attempt to run a Race for Life in 2004, in memory of my Mum. It was the first one in my town and I was thrilled that I ran it all so continued entering a few local events each year. I would always run solo and was and still am, back of the pack. I tried running with a few groups, but always went back to solo running.

I decided to get involved with The Virtual USA Challenge because Ben believed in me and I wanted to help him with his next Challenge.

Having run with The 401 Challenge I know all to well how Ben can help others, whether through running/cycling with him or by the money raised for The 401 Foundation. I gained so much confidence and a sense of belonging I had never had before. I feel that through The USA Challenge, Ben can continue to inspire others.

I am finding The Virtual USA Challenge hugely motivating. With the wide range of activities available for conversion into miles it means it is accessible to all abilities. All inclusive. I love seeing other peoples progress and their ingenious activities.

The Virtual Challenge has helped me with my day to day motivation and tasks. I am currently looking at housework and gardening as a means of gaining more miles along the mission. Taking a fresh look at things, in smaller bits. It all counts.

The best bits are being able to follow the route Ben will be taking when he is in the USA. Being able to see what is along that route, whether a long road, lake, bridge, cafe, hotel etc, knowing this will be Ben's view. Having friends and family in The USA, I love aiming to reach various places to virtually visit them.

The other participants give such great camaraderie and support for each other. The fun we are all having seeing where we are along the route, whether anyone is near us. Virtually inviting others to join us at local cafes/hotels for a cuppa and catch up.

Do it! Don't look at the final distances, either on individual stages or the full mission. Join us and be supported, encouraged, inspired and motivated to go as far as you can.

If you want to join Teresa and take part in one of our Virtual USA Challenge missions, you can register HERE, where will your adventure take you?

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