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Taking a Breather: Ben's Decision for 2024 and a Shift in Priorities

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So big decision for me!

I've actually chosen to stop running just for 2024.

That is a shocker I know, especially as I've been doing it near enough nonstop for almost 10 years now, and it's fair to say it's been a big part of my life and identity.

So much has been going on over the past six months behind the scenes, both here at The 401 Challenge and also at our sister charity, The 401 Foundation.

With our big campaigns now launched and out there and a clear set of goals for the next two years for both organisations, plus the small issue of also having a part time job as well, I was finding that I wasn't able to keep up with the training plan for the Chester 100 Mile Ultra I had signed up to in April this year.

Now I started kicking myself every week because I wasn't achieving the mileage and I began to start loathing going out for a run because I thought to myself:

"Well, what's the point?"

As you can imagine, something that I have always classed as my fighting time, the ability to take that step back out of reality and reset my mind.

It just wasn't doing that for me anymore. And rather than force it, I'm thinking long term now, having a break, stepping back, focusing on the key goals I want to achieve this year, and coming back to it, refreshed in 2025 seems like a plan I can get behind.

So that's what I'm gonna go do.

Don't be ashamed or scared to make these choices.

After all, we have a habit of thinking short term when actually making a switch now just might put you in a better frame of mind to carry on that thing you love later on down the line.

For me, fitness wise, it's into the gym and swimming pool for 2024, so expect to see lots

about that this year across all our socials.

Also, we have big plans for the talks we do with schools and businesses around the world.

Then there's also the work I do with our sister charity, The 401 Foundation and the £1 million funding campaign to build Beacon, our mental health app that will change the face of mental health support in the UK.

So don't worry, there's still lots going on. Just a bit of a shift around when it comes to priorities, and I suppose what drives my happiness!

After all, if we aren't happy, change it right. it doesn't mean your goal has to change, just how you get there.

I would love to know what your personal goals are for 2024, can be about fitness or just life. So if you want to let us know in the comments, that would be amazing!

But for now, that's all from me.

See you very soon.


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