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Updated: Jan 22, 2021

I'm a 60 something grandma who was diagnosed with a brain tumour in mid January 2020.

The tumour was removed on February 14th and has been confirmed benign.

After the brain surgery, I developed blood clots in my lungs and could barely walk

I had to do something to get my fitness back, so I started by just walking very slowly and by May, I decided it was time to go back to basics with my running and re-did the C25K.

After that there was no stopping me and I'm now training to do my first marathon on the anniversary on my operation.

I remembered Ben's 401 challenge and him coming to run a couple of marathons in Blackburn and Preston. When I saw the Virtual USA Challenge, I thought of Ben and his determination to keep going no matter what and I thought supporting him in this would be an excellent motivator to keep me going.

I'm really enjoying the challenge, I'm a little bit addicted to virtual challenges and enjoy just clocking up the miles. I'm quite self motivated but for me having the reminder of Ben's determination, it has kept me going.

The best bit is getting a T-shirt and medal at the end of each of the stages, I've never had such a stylish Race T-shirt!

You don't have to walk, run or cycle to join in. There are over 120 alternative activities including baking, changing the bed, mini golf that can be converted into miles!!

If you're unsure how far you can go, get in touch with the support team - They may be able to help you estimate, so you can choose which stage(s) you want to join

If you can afford to, include at least 1 medal and 1 t-shirt, they really are gorgeous.

If you want to join Susan and take part in one of our Virtual USA Challenge missions, you can register HERE, where will your adventure take you?

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