Rich says 'Give it a go...'

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

My name is Rich, I have been running for a few years mainly on the Trans Pennine Trail in Doncaster.

My dogs Buzz Lightyear and Piroska have joined in on the challenge alongside a small group of friends. I have great family support which enables me to continue chasing the USA Challenge. The best bit of the Challenge is in my head I tell myself where ever I end the challenge we will visit as a family one day....never been to the USA.

I have followed Ben since his marathon days and he is an inspiring fella working for the mental health of young people at a vital time in their life. I feel mental wellbeing is much more prominent in our young people’s lives with the demands faced upon them and our services need to be steered towards helping them. Quietly as I don’t shout from the rooftops, it is Ben that drives me on the challenge as he is striving to offer our young people better outcomes.

I see the challenge as a fun reward and would recommend others giving it a go to enable easiest way of touring the USA. Will be very jealous of Ben when he gets underway.

If you want to join Rich and take part in one of our Virtual USA Challenge missions, you can register HERE, where will your adventure take you?

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