Julie Letton - It's Helped To Keep Me Moving!

I’m 48, Mum to Hettie and Phoebe, and wife to Che, and we live in Devon. I started running approximately 6 years ago, inspired by a couple of old school friends who run, and also by fellow 401 supporter Suzie Mills.

Suzie told me all about Ben and the 401 Foundation not long after he’d started the 401 Marathons Challenge. I bought and read his book, and have been a supporter ever since. I signed up for the Portishead weekend challenge in 2019, and even got my girls to take part too. It was a scorcher of a weekend, and undoubtedly the most challenging half marathon I’ve done to date! It was great to meet Ben, and other members of the 401 family and supporters.

I got involved with the Virtual USA Challenge as I wanted to continue to support Ben and what he is trying to achieve, and also to see how far I could get through the Challenge.

Even though the 13,000 miles seems completely unrealistic for me, I’m enjoying working my way through the states and checking out the scenery on Street view now and then. I’ve struggled with running for the last 12 months, more mentally than physically, so I’m really grateful that the Virtual USA Mission provides us with the option to log other activities. I sometimes feel like a bit of a fraud though, as I’m sure I’ve crocheted more miles than I’ve run!! With a couple of additional pieces of kit in the home gym, I’ll be increasing my mileage throughout 2021 with some running, cycling and rowing!

It’s helped keep me moving, even if it’s just walking, and I’ve even started to enjoy ironing – knowing that it all counts! The facebook supporters page has been really useful too – reading other participants posts encourages me to keep going.

For me, the best bit is feeling like I’m contributing to the 401 Foundation, by supporting Ben and the team. This in turn assists those who benefit from the help they receive from the 401 Foundation.

Don’t be put off by the mileage, and remember that just about everything you do counts towards reaching the goal, so you don’t have to rely 100% on your running. The support from other participants, and from Ben and his team is superb! Really, I don’t know of another “event” where you receive such personal, genuine support from the organisers.

If you want to join Julie and take part in one of our Virtual USA Challenge missions, you can register HERE, where will your adventure take you?

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