Epic USA Challenge Training Ramping Up

Ultra athlete Ben Smith and 401 marathon man is just 75 days away from taking on the USA for his gruelling fundraising event. Preparations are going well as Ben runs back to back marathons and cycles each day to mimic his US mission which starts on 14th June 2022.

Despite testing positive for Covid last week and suffering just mild symptoms he has recovered well. Whilst isolating at home, Ben rested and towards the end of his isolation gently trained on his bike which he has set up in his spare room.

Ben said ‘I couldn’t believe it when I tested positive, I was about to go and give a couple of primary school talks and always test before I go, thank goodness I did! Luckily we’ve managed to reschedule them for a couple of weeks’ time. I have managed to avoid Covid for the last couple of years but for me to have had it now, I think is a positive thing, I can recover and resume full training in time to set off on 14th June in the USA.

I am really pleased with how things are going, although I need to take it steady for the next couple of weeks, my training coach Pav is helping me to reach my goals, I have been running back to back marathons and then cycling in excess of 100 miles a day. That is just where I want and need to be, I feel really positive about everything.’

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  • Ben Smith - Looking forward to the USA Challenge

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