Ben Smith Ready to take on The USA Challenge

Ultra athlete and 401 marathon man Ben Smith has finally got the green light to take on his USA Challenge in June 2022. He will be starting his gruelling challenge in Augusta in Maine on 14th June 2022 on the East coast of the USA, finishing in Honolulu, Hawaii on 7th September.

Ben’s USA Challenge will see him complete in excess of 11,500 miles in 88 days. Running 40 marathons and with 1 big bike ride he will be travelling across all 50 US States with the aim to raise £104,000 for The 401 Foundation.

The 401 Foundation was founded in 2017 as the legacy to Ben’s previous challenge which saw him run 401 marathons in 401 days in 2016. He won countless awards including:

● BBC Sports Personality Helen Rollason Award 2016

● ITV Pride of Britain National / Regional Fundraiser of the Year 2016

Ben also met with HRH The Queen and the Prime Minister, but the most important thing to him was raising the £330,000 which was donated to two anti-bullying charities, Kidscape and Stonewall.

The USA Challenge is hoping to raise £104,000 for The 401 Foundation who is developing a mental wellbeing app designed to empower you to manage, maintain and treat your own mental wellbeing through connecting with community initiatives in your local area.

Ben Smith said, ‘There have been many moments over the last few years where there was doubt that this challenge would ever happen. Lots of changes have had to be made to ensure this challenge can take place and I’m so happy to say that after years of hard work and determination we are all set to go in June.’

With just 14 weeks to go now, if you would like to speak to Ben please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Helen and she will be pleased to arrange interviews for you.

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