Ben Smith off on UK mini trial

After the success of the USA trial 2 weeks ago when ultra athlete Ben Smith completed 7 marathons in 7 days across 7 US states, he is now preparing to train here in the UK. Do you want to join him for a marathon?

Starting on Tuesday 10th May, Ben will be setting off on his first marathon in Portishead near Bristol at 5.00am, he will then get on his bike and cycle to Worcester, where he will have his first overnight stay. Each morning Ben will be running a marathon at 5.00am and then cycling on to his next location which will mimic the first week of his USA Challenge, due to start in June.

Ben said ‘As part of my training and preparation for The USA Challenge this summer, I will be replicating the first 7 days of the challenge right here in the UK.

This will give me the chance to test out how running and cycling each day will work. It will also be a great chance to test the kit, giving me a good indication of what will work and what won't, I will then have plenty of time to solve any issues before the actual event. Planning it all out is great, but there's nothing better than actually getting out there and testing the plan.’

Marathons will be in these locations all starting at 5.00am:

10th May - Portishead

11th May – Worcester

12th May – Altrincham

13th May – Kirkham

14th May – Wakefield

15th May – Lincoln

16th May – Warwick

If you would like to join him for a marathon you will need to read through the plan on the website which can be found here Please be aware that there are few things to know before you think about getting involved. You are responsible for your own safety, travel, parking and belongings. There will be no bag drop and you may have to seek permission to park near to or at the start location.

If you have any questions or would like to know the start location, just drop us an email to

To follow Ben’s progress, you can check him out via The 401 Challenge on his social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

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