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Throughout my childhood, I suffered from neglect, violence and abuse. As a result, I felt a desire to protect my younger sister Hazel from any harm. I encouraged her out the house, sent her off to play with friends just before things happened. I comforted her after I received bloody punches in front of her, now I realise protecting her kept me sane, perhaps it was really; Hazel that saved me?

I have been in therapy for many years peeling away the traumatic experiences, which has cost me a financial fortune let alone other costs I had to endure. This explains why I have experienced such ill-health over the years and required surgery.

There, it’s said, the secret is out, and that’s how it should be, out. Phew! Bullies can hold so much control over you, this is their biggest weapon. I hope this gives others strength to let their secret out and be free too, you may like to read Ben’s book to learn how others have faced their fears. You may laugh and cry as I did when I read it.

My healing excelled from studying therapies (massage, NLP, hypnotherapy, Bowen and analytical hypnotherapy,) after my first experience of Bowen I cried for hours, the shift and release was incredible. This path has been so beneficial, I know I am still on a journey. I will continue to enjoy studying and expand my own personal healing and as a family we are all on our own journey of healing....

When Ben reached out for massage for his first 401 challenge in 2015, I jumped at the chance, someone willing to say out loud their past pains, supporting others to do the same and get fit, it was too good an opportunity to turn down!!!! I was in awe of his honesty!!!

There is something very special about Ben, he has an energy that is quite remarkable. To help the 401 by being part of the virtual experience is so exciting! I am also nearing the end of my recovery from sepsis, so it is a great opportunity to measure and log my wellness retuning, I also like being part of such kind people who are so warm and thoughtful.

The Virtual USA Challenge has helped me to start building up my strength, log my progress and feel part of a group that congratulates any step taken in anyway. That’s the Ben effect! Hazel, my sister, is running so impressively on the Challenge, whereas I am more about the daily activities and smaller personal achievements. I love how adaptable it is! Who would think recovering from an illness would mean I could be part of such a challenge!!! Talk about feeling better, I do it just for that!

I love how kind the community is, any step taken matters, I love how encouraging, supportive and non-judgemental the whole group is. I love that it’s for any age and ability. The virtual map is phenomenal, especially during lockdown and knowing we have a platform to chat about where we are, even more so with Covid! I love seeing where the ones in the lead are, the miles they are clocking up is awe inspiring! I feel like I am traveling through the USA and during COVID-19 that’s great fun!!!!

Everyone has a place on the map and being first or last, it is all-important. Ben likes to let those know at the back they are as much part of it too. Those at the front or ploughing through are heartily respected and congratulated too. No-one speaks jargon or has anything to prove, it is not how fast you are, it is the fact something is done, ironing, car washing, walking, running, yoga, tennis, rowing, cleaning to name a few activities that can be logged, it all matters because everyone really does matter!

If you want to join Annette and take part in one of our Virtual USA Challenge missions, you can register HERE, where will your adventure take you?

If anyone has been affected by reading Annette's story reach out to these organisations, they are there to help...


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