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Meet the team

Ben Smith


Ben is the man behind The 401 Challenge. Back in 2015 he came up with this idea of running 401 marathons in 401 days to raise £250,000 for two anti bullying charities. His aim, to try and stop what happened to him as a kid, happening to others.


Since then The 401 Challenge has grown to what it is today and he's on a mission to show 1 million people that no matter what challenges life throws at you, you can achieve anything.

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Fun Fact:


Ben leads a busy life with all his training, speaking and charity work so he loves nothing more than taking some time out, walking his dog Flo and spending time with his husband Kyle and friends. Ben loves watching American dramas on TV, anything with a triumph over adversity theme - bit of a pattern going on there!

Ben has a passion for cooking and makes a mean chicken and mushroom risotto if you ever get to try it.

Helen Lazenby

Head of Talks

With all her years of experience working for a variety of companies, Helen says it was to prepare her for her job with Ben.


The variety of work at 401 HQ keeps her on her toes and she loves it.


Fun Fact:


Helen doesn’t get much down time but when she does, she likes nothing more than a walk along the beach with her hubby Ian and her family. Her camera is never far away either. She will always be there for Ben but has said in the past that she will never run with him, especially when he is taking on his; let’s be honest, crazy challenges! Ben is still working on this!

Tracy Achy

Marketing Executive

Tracy is a French professional who decided to live in the UK eight years ago and never wanted to go back to France despite the fact that she lived very close to Disneyland Paris!


She’s passionate about everything related to graphic design, every design element that you see in The 401 Challenge is down the her.


Fun Fact:


Despite Tracy’s creative and imaginative mind at work, when it’s about her hobbies, like reading or TV series, she’s all into Thrillers and True Crimes!

She's never read or watched Harry Potter yet but is working on it. Never too late!


Head of Morale

Mostly found sleeping or chasing birds if we are honest. Flo's team spirit extends to randomly appearing on conference calls and client meetings from time to time helping boost moral.

Flo's can do attitude is infectious and she will always brighten the mood. That said, she's not particularly great at getting back to people so don't expect a reply if you drop her an email. We have started the training, but feel it could be sometime until she masters this skill.


Fun Fact:


Flo is either all go or not, she's always there to lend a supportive paw but interrupt her sleep at your peril. Flo is currently mastering the ability to run with Ben so watch this space, many adventures to come.

Contact information coming soon
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