The Labyrinth Challenge

What is it?

The Labyrinth Challenge is the world's biggest, continuous, widest inflatable obstacle course, made up of a series of interactive obstacles spread across themes. Enter as an individual or as a team of 5, as long as you are over 10 years old then welcome to The Labyrinth Challenge, you'll love it!

Pick from 13 different waves each lasting 1 hour! There's even a mini Labyrinth Challenge for children between 4 and 10!

See for yourself, check out the video below

When is it?

Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October.

The 13 wave run over both days with 7 on the Saturday and 6 on the Sunday. Both days start at 10:00am for the first wave of the day, see our 'Event Schedule' at the bottom of this page for more information on wave timings.

Where is it taking place?

The Downs School in Wraxall, Bristol, BS48 1PF

The Labyrinth Challenge is kindly being hosted on the grounds of The Down's School in Wraxall, just outside Bristol and very near to Portishead, Clevedon, Weston-Super-Mare and Nailsea.


We offer three different ticket options per wave. Discounts are available on some tickets*

*We only offer the following discounts on the SINGLE TICKET for The Labyrinth Challenge. This gives 10% off for Students/Teachers, Armed Forces UK (Active or Retired) and Emergency Services (inc RNLI and Coast Guard)

Buying a Team Ticket for The Labyrinth Challenge is also discounted, when you buy a Team of 5 you get it for the price of 4, thats 20% off!

What ticket are you going to buy?


Here you will find timings for all our 13 waves over the two days.

We recommend when booking, you plan to arrive on site at least 1 to 1.5 hours before your wave begins, this will allow you time to pick up your event pack, relax and get ready for you adventure!

Wave NameDayWave Start TimeWave Finish Time
Wave 1Saturday10:00am11:00am
Wave 2Saturday11:00am12:00pm
Wave 3Saturday12:00pm1:00pm
Wave 4Saturday1:00pm2:00pm
Wave 5Saturday2:00pm3:00pm
Wave 6Saturday3:00pm4:00pm
Wave 7Saturday4:00pm5:00pm
Wave 8Sunday10:00am11:00am
Wave 9Sunday11:00am12:00pm
Wave 10Sunday12:00pm1:00pm
Wave 11Sunday1:00pm2:00pm
Wave 12Sunday2:00pm3:00pm
Wave 13Sunday3:00pm4:00pm
  • How do I get to The Downs School?

    By Car:

    Follow sat nav directions to BS48 1PF. FREE parking will be allocated on arrival.

    By Bus:

    There is a bus stop near Noah’s Arch Zoo on Clevedon Road. However we DO NOT recommend this as the road is very busy and getting to the entrance of The Downs School is quite a walk and will be very unsafe. We are looking into the possibility of putting on shuttle buses from key areas around Bristol so watch this space for further details.

    By Train:

    The nearest train station is Nailsea/Backwell but you will then need to get a taxi to The Downs School.


  • Is there parking available?

    Yes, we offer FREE allocated parking based on whichever wave you enter. You will be emailed your car park details prior to your event. Simply print these out, put them on your dashboard and you will be directed to your parking area on the day.

  • What's in the Event Village?

    We will be offering food, drinks and plenty of other bits and pieces that will entertain you throughout your time at the event. Watch this space for further information.

  • Can my 10 year old join our Team of 5 for the Labyrinth Challenge

    Yes, anyone over the age of 10 years old on the day of the event can take part in the Labyrinth Challenge and therefore be part of a team of 5.

  • Is it competitive?

    Only if you want it to be.

    Go at your own pace, make it round once or lots of times it’s completely up to you.

    Two main rules, have a laugh and have fun!

  • What if there are more than 5 of us in our team?

    Firstly thats great! If you can make two teams of 5 then brilliant, you’ll get this at the price of 8. If you can’t we would suggest signing up 5 to the Team ticket and then any extras as individuals (remember, we offer discounts for individual tickets!).

    When it comes to event day, simply all queue together and as long as you’ve all booked into the same wave we will set you off in 5’s, so once the first group go, the second can catch up if they want to and then its up to you how you want to go from there.

  • Do you do FREE tickets

    No sorry we don’t as this is a fundraising event

  • What discounts do you do?

    We only offer direct discounts on individual tickets, these include:

    • Student/Teacher
    • Armed Forces UK (Current and Retired)
    • Emergency Services (inc RNLI and Coast Gaurd)


    Each of these discounts will get you 10% off any Labyrinth Challenge Individual Ticket.

    Please note Team Tickets and Mini Labyrinth Challenge Tickets are not included.

  • Is there Parking?

    Yes, there will be FREE parking on the day.

    Once you have chosen your wave and purchased your ticket our team will add you to a list and closer to the event date will email you with details of where your designated FREE car parking will be. This will not be more than 200m from the main site entrance.

    If you are looking for disabled parking then please email us or reply to our email when we send it and we can allocate you a spot closer to the entrance, these are limited and you will require a blue badge to park in this zone.