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Secondary Schools

My story is one of triumph over adversity, it inspires and motivates all ages.


The way I tell my story brings to life the importance of accepting and respecting others no matter who they are, understanding that having resilience and persistence is key to overcoming tough times in your life and ultimately believing that the limitations we think we have are only in our own thoughts.

Perfectly pitched for 11 to 18 year olds, my honest and often raw story telling focuses the talk on my life story.


Covering subjects like bullying, growing up, LGBTQ+, suicide, challenges, overcoming adversity, mental health and many others. Even the hardened secondary school student can’t pretend to not be interested.

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What's on offer

A fully bespoke package that suits your needs. Here are a few things you can pick from when you build the right package for you.

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Ben’ talk is relatable, relevant and impactful. It covers so many different elements including; Authenticity, Adaptation, Change Management, Confidence, Creative Thinking, Cultural Change, 

Disruption, Equality Diversity & Inclusion, Entrepreneurship, Extreme Conditions, Fundraising, Goal Setting, High Performing Teams, 

Persistence, Planning & Preparation, Psychology, Resilience, Risk Taking, Self Belief, Strategic Thinking, Strategy Building, Sport, Teamwork and much more.


Ben doesn't disappoint, his natural ability to connect and engage with all age groups means there is something everyone in the room can relate to, learn from and take away. His ability to take a harrowing life story, flip it on its head and show people that anything is possible is both inspiring and emotional.

Up to 1 hour talk (inc Q&A)

Live or Virtual Event  |  From £300.00

(including expenses)

*price will be confirmed based on distance

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Book a 30 minute run to back up your talk with Ben.


It's a great addition to any talk whether this is part of a PE lesson or just an opportunity to get out on to the playing fields for a run. Your students get the chance to run with Ben and ask him questions that they may have not wanted to ask in the talk.


Your run can be arranged by year group, class, small group or whole school, it is up to you, just let us know your plan and we will take it from there.

Add on a 30 minute run

Live Event  |  + £25.00

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Our workshops are designed to help your student led in school project groups such as your Equalities and Diversity Group or your LGBTQ+ Pride Group; to name a few, take their ideas and bring them to life.

Using your school values, we identify ideas on how to improve aspects of school culture, then work closely with your students to operationalise them, empowering them to take these projects forward themselves and drive a positive cultural change within your school.

Add on a 1 hour workshop

Live Event  |  + £35.00

Prize Givings and Awards Ceremonies
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Ben has supported many secondary schools with their annual and end of term awards ceremonies.


Ben's talk can be adapted to any theme and any time limit even if it is just 10 mins.


Ben is experienced enough to help out certificates and trophies and will always help capture the spirit of celebration for your students.

Talk and Award Handout

Live Event  |  From £475.00

(including expenses)

*price will be confirmed based on distance

Staff Talks
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Your students are important to you, but so are your staff.

Ben doesn't just speak to your students, he is experienced in speaking directly to staff, using his story to help people see things from a different perspective.

Ben's honest and raw storytelling brings to life some of the struggles young people are facing on a day to day basis and this can be helpful for your staff to hear first hand from someone that's been through it. It will also be extremely relatable in many different way for your staff, helping them in their own lives.

Ben's talk is focused on showing everyone that no matter the challenges you face in life, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Up to 1 hour talk (inc Q&A)

Live or Virtual Event  |  £300.00

(including expenses)

*price will be confirmed based on distance

Hearing Ben talk about his life experiences and what got him into running was really inspirational. It definitely got me thinking about the fact that we don't always know what is going on in someone's life and how important it is to be kind.

Pupil at Kingswood School

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