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Inspiring Talks for Every Age, Every Stage

At the 401 Challenge, we believe in the power of storytelling to ignite inspiration and drive positive change.

Our dynamic talks cater to a diverse audience, spanning from the bright-eyed 4-year-olds in primary schools to the ambitious 18 year olds in universities and beyond


The Outcome

Our talks are not just narratives; they're catalysts for positive change. By sharing the highs and lows of Ben’s personal journey, we provide a sense of belief, resilience, and empathy. The outcomes extend beyond the classroom, fostering a culture of kindness, understanding, and personal development.


Join us on this empowering journey! Let our talks be the spark that fuels the flame of inspiration in the hearts and minds of your students.


Tailored for Every Educational Journey

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Secondary Schools

Navigating the intricate landscape of teenage years, our talks resonate with secondary school students. We delve into topics such as resilience, mental health, and standing against bullying, offering tools to navigate these formative years with strength and confidence.

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As students step into the realm of higher education, our talks evolve to address the challenges to this phase. We inspire resilience, passion, and the pursuit of personal excellence, equipping them for the exciting journey ahead.

6th Form and College
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Multi Academy Trust and Federations

Our distinctive offering lies in our flexible day rates, allowing us to seamlessly navigate multiple schools within your Trust or Federation. This means a single booking can extend across Primary, Secondary, and 6th Form institutions, creating a comprehensive and inclusive experience for all age group

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