School Visits

School Visits

Schools are by far one of the most influential places we attend in our lifetimes. What happens to us here defines our existence, our future, whether this is good or bad.

Schools have a tremendous responsibility and pressure set upon them to develop and inspire the future generation, giving them confidence and self esteem to believe that anything is possible. In a world where kids are definitely more knowledgeable than we were at their age, the use of social media and changes in peer group pressures - its easier to say something horrible about someone than say something nice.

I visit schools up and down the country, using my experience and background to deliver inspiring tailored talks to all age groups.

Why not book a school visit, I assure you (or your money back), your kids will not only feel motivated, energised and inspired but will probably question their views, build on their opinions and in turn feel more confident in realising that anything is possible if you just dream big.

Download the 401 Challenge School Pack here.

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