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Anything is possible as long as you believe
An age appropriate, honest and personal account of one man’s life, the highs and lows, the need for change and the creation and implementation of something that most felt was impossible
Leave your audience inspired, excited and empowered to make changes. Let them dream big, feel like they can’t fail and believe that anything is possible in life

It is fair to say that confidence and self-esteem are the building blocks to a successful and happy life.

After years of mental and physical bullying at school, Ben’s confidence and self esteem were at their lowest point. He had no belief in himself and became a shell of the person he once was finding the only option available was to take his own life. Not having any control over how he felt, he was trapped and every day a little bit more of his soul broke away.

The years of bullying had taken a toll on Ben, like most, he threw himself into what he thought society deemed a successful life path. He was successful, working for a FTSE 100 company in Bristol; rising through the ranks, working 60-70 hours a week, drinking heavily, eating too much and neglecting to exercise. At the age of 29 he was 16.5 stone, smoked 30 cigarettes a day and found himself in a situation he was unable to get out of. Confident on the outside but ruined within, Ben suffered a TIA (incomplete stroke). This was to be his life changing moment.

‘The 401 Challenge’ is a multi-award winning project that saw Ben run 401 marathons in 401 days throughout the UK. He gained massive support from the public and celebrities within the sporting and TV industry. The project was solely funded by Ben who firstly sold his house and worldly belongings and secondly, through the launch and development of a merchandise line that generated more than £50,000. The total funds raised for the two anti-bullying charities Ben supported stands at more than £330,000, but what is even more remarkable is the positive effect this has had on so many people’s lives, all over the country, and even internationally.

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